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House Washing And Your Lake Oswego Home

House washing

House washing might seem simple, but it's always best to call on a pressure washing professional to avoid damaging your home! Before you call on the experts, however, we've put together some information about house washing that you might find useful.

What Is House Washing?

It might seem confusing, but many expert pressure washing teams don't use traditional pressure washing techniques for house washing. Pressure washing is used for rough surfaces like driveways, walkways, and concrete walls because pressure washing uses an intense water spray that might be damaging to some of your home's more delicate surfaces.

For the rest of your home, professionals use a method called soft washing. This technique is used in house washing to clean outdoor furniture, wooden surfaces, glass, shingles, gutters, and other surfaces that are more vulnerable to high pressure. Soft washing uses low or no pressure combined with gentle soft washing solutions that dissolve and remove dirt. Many owners prefer us to use this eco-friendly method as it helps maintain the coating on their exterior walls.

Benefits Of A Good Housewashing

When it comes to the benefits of house washing, there are simply too many to name!

Routine house washing can take years off of your home's appearance. Your home is exposed to the natural elements every day: sun, wind, dirt, UV rays, animals, smoke, pollutants, and more. All of these take a beating on your home and contribute to its worn appearance, and you might not even notice how bad it looks until one house washing service. Similarly, moisture can cause severe damage by causing stains and also creating a habitat for unwelcome growths like mold and mildew to grow. A good house washing can remove dirt and grime from the surface and prevent it from turning into permanent damage.

A proper house washing service can also increase the property value of your home! If you're planning to sell your home, a pressure washing service could be the difference between making a sale or not. Pressure washing can also help make a paint job look brand new, and it's also a good way to prime a surface before adding a new coat of paint. Additionally, it's a cheaper way to transform the look of your home without the need for costly repairs.

So, if you're looking for a house washing service for your Lake Oswego home, please call Cascadia Softwash LLC for a consultation and an estimate.


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